Congrats Mike!

Good News! Mike landed a new gig! Congrats!

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Meet Adam

“I love being outside. I love listening to music. I love fishing. I love walking down the city sidewalk on a cool day. And I believe in compassion and the good nature of people. I’m torn between my rural roots and my urban future. And I believe great design helps build a visual language that all citizens of the world can understand.”

And here’s what Chris Shults, Sr. Interactive Designer, has to say about Adam:

“Adam was my right arm. And left. He proved in a very short time that he was capable of tackling everything asked of him. He is a solid conceptual thinker and has exceptional design ability. He’s enthusiastic and looks forward to a challenge. This made him a very valuable senior creative. I fought the urge to selfishly request him on every project.

Adam is a natural leader, but not because he seeks the spotlight, but because he earns respect of those around him. Including clients. He will be a great creative director.

One of his greatest strengths is his contribution to the culture of a company. Few people are better team players. He makes those around him better, happier, work harder and look past politics.”

Check out Adam’s work here:

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Meet Chi Hiu

“I love photography. I love traveling. I love performance art. I love running. I love froggies. I love smiling. I love snowboarding. I love dancing. I love talking to strangers. I love finding out people’s stories. I love adventures. I don’t demand every design in the world be meaningful. But when I design, I hope to touch people’s hearts. I love designing. With a meaning.”

Let’s hear what Lindsay Larricks, ACD at Barkley & owner of Fresher than Fresh Snow Cones, thinks of Chi Hiu:

“I was inspired on a daily basis by her enthusiasm and her hunger to grow; both creatively and professionally. For a young designer that has been well-steeped in computer culture, I loved seeing her pull out her watercolors and cut paper to solve design problems. Her process always produced unique and inspired designs.”

Check out Chi Hiu’s work here:

You can also find her on twitter @yimchihiu


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Meet Mike

“I am 100% design. I am 100% production. I am 200% versatile.

Five years working as a Production Designer has given me some incredible experience. Mastering the art of production and working alongside some of Kansas City’s most talented designers.

I don’t stop there, I spend my free time designing posters for bands, local fashion shows, and I’ve also done identity work for local chefs and restaurants.

I’m your everything guy. And I’m 100% available.”

And if you still don’t think Mike’s your everything guy, read what Mike Miller, Production Lead at Barkley Blacktop has to say.

“I recommend Mike highly. He is a quiet, humble guy but very funny and an extremely hard worker. He is very versatile in the Production realm and he’s a quick learner. Because of his design skills he’s also great at breaking out a design over many formats. You can’t go wrong with this guy.”

Check out Mike’s work here:

You can also find him in these places:




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Meet Preston

“I design. I dream. I research. I draw experience from what’s worked in the past. I create. I learn. I listen. I design again.”

But what do others think?

“Will it get done? Will they give a crap? Will they put in the time it’ll take? I’ve never once thought that when I work with Preston. He gives a crap. He gets it done. He puts thought, heart and a little bit of those lumberjack shirts he wears into every project.

I call him an old soul. Not because he’s actually ancient of days, but because of what matters to him. He loves quality. He loves uniqueness. He loves vintage. He loves good ideas. He’s hard to rattle and harder to piss off. A great guy to go to war with. He’s what most of us refer to off the cuff as “good people.”

Designers that bring ideas and critical thought to their work aren’t that easy to come by. More than ever you need visual content that does the heavy lifting while cutting through the visual mess around us. That’s where Preston comes in.” – Travis Kramer, Design Lead, Barkley

Check out Preston’s work here:

You can also find him here:

Facebook Page


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Meet Jessica

“I’m a thinker. I’m a dreamer. I’m a problem solver. I’m an artist. I’m a music junkie. I’m an adventurer. I’m a conversationalist. And all these things make me a damn good Art Director.”

And if that’s not enough to go off of, read what this guy has to say about her:

“I like Jessica. I like Jessica because she’s no-nonsense. Because she can smell bullshit a mile away. I like Jessica because not only is she a great art director, but she’s also a great designer so it’s like hiring two people in one, and man is that efficient. I like Jessica because she always surprised me with work I wasn’t expecting and as a Creative Director, that’s exactly what you want. I like Jessica because she doesn’t have a specialty, she’s great at everything. I like Jessica because she’s curious. And she’s plugged in. She knows what’s going on, and where to go. I like Jessica because I have complete hold of all my faculties and if you do as well, you will easily see that Jessica is someone who you would want to hire.” – Pat Piper, VP/ECD, Barkley

Check out Jessica’s work here:

You can also find her in these places:





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Meet Jessi

“I write. Short and sweet. Brief and funny. Long and interesting. You know, whatever comes my way. My clients include Burger King, Cadbury Schweppes, Sonic, Build-A-Bear and Lee Jeans, Ply Gem, Dawn Foods and more. When I’m not basking in the glow of my computer, I spend my time concepting ideas for online, broadcast, print and collateral. I like to think I’m pretty good with words and ideas. They are, of course, my favorite things.”

And if her words aren’t convincing enough, here’s what someone else has to say about her:

Anyone who has managed a creative team knows how important collaboration is – and this is one of Jessi’s greatest strengths. She was paired up with numerous different people on a number of projects and was a great team member on all accounts. And from an interactive writing perspective, there was no need to ramp up with Jessi on process or expectations. Jessi is a self-starter. She’s professional. She is a very talented writer. She understands the nuances of the interactive space. She thinks about the user. She’s passionate about the work, and is adept at sharing this passion with her team.” – Paul Corrigan, ECD, Barkley.

Check out Jessi’s work here:

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